She makes time to pause

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It is the last week of term and one of the most full-on and pressurised weeks I have had so far this year.

It is one of those weeks you wish for the end of before it has even started. 

Wishing away the days… Wishing for the next day, the next week to begin.

One of those weeks where you catch yourself teetering on the edge of the abyss…

This was the moment today that pulled me back. The moment that reminded me to be fully present right where I am. The moment that I made time to pause…

‘Can I just have a little drive Mummy? Would you like to sit with me while we have a little drive?’ 

Truth be told, we needed to leave, there was lots to do, planning, preparing, dinner to cook. But I paused and sat while we had a ‘little drive’ and we laughed and I relaxed and felt that spark of joy when life courses through your bones and you feel fully alive.

And I remembered ‘this too shall pass’ the busyness, the pressure, the stress but I won’t get to live these days again and that’s what I want to do, live them fully. 

She makes time for the little things

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I returned to work today after being signed off for a week with an injury I sustained at work. 

Back to leaving the house early, just after little man has woken up and returning with just a short time before his bedtime.

The weekdays allow only very limited amounts of time with him. Returning home carrying the weight of a workday on my shoulders and wanting to just collapse onto the sofa and have a bit of headspace and quiet; versus arriving home fully present and making some moments however small.

Tonight I was greeted with a delighted squeal of ‘mummy!’ and a wide-armed bear hug that righted every wrong in the world.

We made coffee.

We played ‘pancakes’ 


We did some puzzles. 

We relaxed in the rocking chair.

We made some moments and we made them count.

She makes a go of KonMari

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I’m not sure how I first heard about ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ by Marie Kondo but something intrigued me about it. 

Tidying does not come naturally to me, in fact I think I am more the magic art of piling kind of person. So when I read a few reviews of the book and they were from people who were like me, I decided I would give it a go.

I read over half of the book the first day it arrived and decided this was a good sign. I also like the fact that Marie Kondo explains that there is no surprise none of us can tidy as we have never been taught. This means I am off the hook about my general ineptitude for keeping things tidy.

It turns out tidying room by room is my biggest failing. This is why I cannot keep up and never complete tidying the house – instead it is about tidying in categories.

First category : Clothes. Cue the deep intake of breath. 

This is my wardrobe  

 I have avoided going anywhere near this for some time now. It’s too big a job! The thing is I was on a bit of a roll and the book kept cropping up in conversation so I had a bit of drive.

The method: put all of your clothes in a pile in the middle of the room

Erm… How long was I allowing to get this completed again? 

A quick re-read of the clothes section… Ah sort your clothes in categories first: tops

Yes, more of a mountain than a pile. 

Next step: Hold each item and decided does it spark joy? If yes, keep it. If no, get rid of it. Hesitation – get rid of it.

I found this surprisingly easy and discarded quite a lot of the mountain! 


Again, hold each item and decide – Does it spark joy? This pile was even quicker to sort than the first one.

By now I was amassing plenty of black bin bags which further spurred me on. Third : Things than need to be hung up.

Now, these items are likely to be some of the most expensive you own. Mine was culled in record time.

  After this you do underwear, shoes and bags. Funnily enough I didn’t photograph my underwear pile! 

It was complete! All of my clothes decluttered. From start to finish it took me just over an hour. This was the thing I struggled with the most. Just an hour! I had procrastinated for so long and it took so little time.

Six and a half bin bags full of clothes that I neither want or wear but have been cluttering up my wardrobe and drawers for years.

This is just the first part of my KonMari journey for me. The next category to tackle is books. It is my intention to follow the methods in the book and declutter our entire house within 6 months.

Have you heard of ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ or the KonMari method? What are your thoughts about it? Are you tempted to give it  a go for yourself?

I will be posting updates of how I  getting on with the rest of the methods.

I do have to say though, I was clothes shopping earlier and didn’t buy a thing as all I kept thinking was ‘Does it spark joy?’ And the predominant answer was no!

She makes a start

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Blogging and I have been friends for a while. We did strike up quite a close and special relationship but then we drifted apart. Happily, we are now reunited and hoping that this time we can make it work .

Working full time and attempting to parent a very active 2 year old, I recognise that life can become rather overwhelming and mundane and routine and dare I say it… a little too predictable which can lead to it feeling boring and heavy. This is not the life you are looking for (waves hand in Jedi mind trick fashion)

So why shemakesmoments? I suppose the answer is that is effectively what I attempt to do on a day to day basis. To make moments that count, to catch those snippets of joy that we would so easily miss otherwise. It is a decision to be intentional and look for them and then to celebrate them when they arrive.

So this blog, and the posts that follow will simply be me – making my moments and documenting them. I’m hoping that you’ll join me for the journey because let’s face it, no-one really wants to go it alone. We all need a bit of encouragement and support to keep on keeping on don’t we?

I’m hoping that maybe if I share my moments, the little things which can spark joy, that you might share some of your moments with me too and we can create our own little community of moment makers (hmm… may have to rethink what we call ourselves, but that can come with time!)

A moment for today:¬†I set up a new twitter account (@shemakesmoments) to accompany my blog and I was someone’s 2,000 follower today. A little spark of joy for both of us!

So are you with me?

What have been your ‘moments’ today? I’d love to hear them.