She makes a start

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Blogging and I have been friends for a while. We did strike up quite a close and special relationship but then we drifted apart. Happily, we are now reunited and hoping that this time we can make it work .

Working full time and attempting to parent a very active 2 year old, I recognise that life can become rather overwhelming and mundane and routine and dare I say it… a little too predictable which can lead to it feeling boring and heavy. This is not the life you are looking for (waves hand in Jedi mind trick fashion)

So why shemakesmoments? I suppose the answer is that is effectively what I attempt to do on a day to day basis. To make moments that count, to catch those snippets of joy that we would so easily miss otherwise. It is a decision to be intentional and look for them and then to celebrate them when they arrive.

So this blog, and the posts that follow will simply be me – making my moments and documenting them. I’m hoping that you’ll join me for the journey because let’s face it, no-one really wants to go it alone. We all need a bit of encouragement and support to keep on keeping on don’t we?

I’m hoping that maybe if I share my moments, the little things which can spark joy, that you might share some of your moments with me too and we can create our own little community of moment makers (hmm… may have to rethink what we call ourselves, but that can come with time!)

A moment for today:¬†I set up a new twitter account (@shemakesmoments) to accompany my blog and I was someone’s 2,000 follower today. A little spark of joy for both of us!

So are you with me?

What have been your ‘moments’ today? I’d love to hear them.




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