She makes: Garden fun #mywildones

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Now that the weather has decided cheer up and we are beginning to see more of that delightful yellow stuff called sunshine, we are once again utilising the garden.


The great thing about patio doors leading straight form the kitchen to the garden is that we can make a cup of coffee and keep a close watch on the little man at the same time. It is also self contained, so no worries about having to run after him if he decided he is going to continue honing his sprinting skills!


First on our list of activities was helping Daddy clean the windows, water of course being an instant win with any toddler.

Then, it was time for bubbles another holy grail in the toddler world.


I loved the complete exhilaration on little man’s face as he dived into this activity with complete abandon.


There was something quite wonderful about the sunshine, cool breeze and bubbles floating in the air.


The garden is going to become one of our most frequented places whenever there is sunshine now.



2 thoughts on “She makes: Garden fun #mywildones

  1. Aww! What lovely photos 🙂 It looks like he had a great time with the bubbles 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


  2. Sometimes it’s the simple moments that are the best. My toddler loves nothing more than bubbles in the garden too. #MyWildOnes


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