She makes: The park and puddles #mywildones 

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One of my favourite things to do is visit our local park. There is nothing better than a vast expanse of nature for little man to run around in with wild abandon.

Parks are also the perfect place to play with sticks or lightsabers without causing an damage!

 Re-enacting Star Wars battles with  Daddy are an essential part of any park trip.

 But best of all are the puddles!

 Nothing beats the pure exhilaration of jumping in a puddle!



4 thoughts on “She makes: The park and puddles #mywildones 

  1. Oh goodness! His matching coat and shoes are AMAZING!!!! He looks like he’s having a fantastic time in the muddy puddles!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx


  2. It looks like a fab park for running about in. And what is it about toddlers and muddy puddles? Toby loves them too. #MyWildOnes


    • Yes it is our go to place for running! Muddy puddles are his favourite we always try to have wellies in the car for such occasions!


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