The little things are the big things

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Today, I have been feeling very buoyant. I can’t explain why, but I am feeling very settled emotionally, a sense of peace that passes all understanding.

One of the best moments for me today was watching one of my students who hates writing complete an extended piece of writing independently. He rarely puts pen to paper but today, he went with it.

Another great moment was a member of staff coming to tell me one of our lower functioning students had requested for me to play basketball with him at lunch time.

These are the moments that cause me to catch my breath, things that could so easily be missed or brushed aside. They are priceless moments and ones that you have to hold on to as a teacher to get you through the bleak times.

Playing basketball when I am on duty every lunchtime is one of my favourite parts of the day. For 30 minutes I shoot hoops and take turns with the one or two students who like to join in. It is amazing how such a simple activity can cause so much joy.

You see, my argument will always be that if you are prepared to invest yourself and your time outside of the classroom with the students, you will have greater success inside the classroom.

I will always pick being with the students over an office or the staff room. This does at times mean I find it very difficult to have to closet myself away to do my paperwork during the school day. This is what causes my difficulties with work/life balance.

Tomorrow, I am missing my lessons as I am briefing key staff prior to about interim review which will then take place an hour later. I am torn about this.

The review is important and fully focused on one of my student’s well-being and our ability to meet his needs. However, it means missing out on teaching my classes their last English lessons of the week.

Sometimes I dislike having to sacrifice like that. I often wish meetings etc would slot in nicely when I am not due to be teaching, but that is not how things work!

Am planning on making sure I notice the priceless moments tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The little things are the big things

  1. I totally hear you on those priceless small moments! There is nothing as gratifying as watching a student who struggles grasp something or light up with a new understanding. I hate being out of the classroom for any reason, yet understand the alternative, which would be working even more hours than I already do. Keep up the hard work!


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