She makes time to listen

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Half term has arrived and with it conjunctivitis for little man. When I arrived home after work yesterday he looked like he had done a few rounds in the boxing ring. Thankfully the eye drops are helping but when you’re 2 years old and constantly touching your face and eyes it is no fun at all.

We had a 5:30am start this morning. Mornings like these I am grateful that we have catch up tv and Bing on series record. It was a morning of television and snuggling and dozing.  

 CBeebies whether you love it or hate it does serve an excellent purpose on days like this especially if you steer what is watched.

Little man then perked up after his eye drops and a quiet start to the day. 

 I had a few messages from a friend going through a bit of a rough patch and was able to send love and encouragement. Taking the time to be thoughtful in my responses and make sure they knew I was completely for them all the way.

Another friend visited us and we spoke for a while about a very difficult and heartbreaking situation and took the time to listen and to care and not offer any solution or way forward as sometimes there just isn’t one and it has to be worked through and out in a messy way.

We went to spend time with friends we haven’t seen for a long while and were able to reconnect and let them know they are still very much a part of who we are.

Today it has been about making time to listen and to talk. For a while, I had neglected doing that. Living only in my head and not being fully myself or really letting anyone in.

Today was about being open and being confident in who I am, not shying away from the world. 

Today was about letting people know they are loved and important and cared for deeply.

4 thoughts on “She makes time to listen

  1. Sounds like a really good way to spend a day. I too have been all up in my own head lately and neglecting my friends but they know that I go through stages like this and that it won’t be forever. I hope your wee man has a speedy recovery, I’ve had conjunctivitis too many times to count and that was when I was able to understand it so I can only imagine the frustration he is going through.


    • It’s very easy to be all up in our own heads and it is also ok. Am grateful for people in my life who accept and understand that but I also know that I can still reach out to others even within it. The eye drops seem to be working and eyes are improving but it’s very painful for him poor mite and he just wants to keep rubbing his eyes.

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  2. We’ve had conjunctivitis too – not easy putting eye drops in a wiggly 11mo! Hers has cleared up nicely although like your little one she looked like she had a black eye at one point 😦 Hope he’s properly on the mend soon xx


    • Seems like there is a lot of it going around at the moment! His is getting much better now – eyes much less swollen and scary looking!


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