I choose nurture

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My one word for 2014 – Nurture

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Choosing one word is difficult I had considered a few others and how they would play out if I focused on them for every day of the nest year so why nurture?

Type nurture into google and it offers the following –

Definition: care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.

help or encourage the development of.

cherish (a hope, belief, or ambition).

synonyms:bring up, care for, provide for, take care of, attend to, look after, rear, support, raise, foster, parent, mother, tend; encourage, promote, stimulate, develop, foster, cultivate, further, advance, boost, forward, contribute to, be conducive to, assist, help, aid, abet, strengthen, advantage, fuel

Being an English teacher I find synonyms useful in helping to understand the scope of a word, the many facets that it holds. Words are not just one dimensional after all. The list of synonyms inspires me and is aspirational – it opens up so many possibilities in how this one word can become a lifestyle.

As a ‘new’ mother ( my son is 14 weeks old) nurture features heavily in my vocabulary and I see the daily benefits and effect of nurturing a person. This is something I am actively doing with my son each and every day and it got me thinking about how to apply it to all areas of my life.

Nurturing people involves encouragement so I need to approach each day with that it mind. What can I do and say that actively encourages those around me and more importantly what do I choose not to do and say which may discourage?

What can I nurture within myself? My blog posts have been conspicuous by their absence recently. Why? I have neglected my writing. My to read book shelf has stayed full. Why? I have neglected my reading. Both of these things are important to me and who I am as a person, I have not looked after myself in this respect and subsequently by ability to nurture and look after others has been hindered.

That’s a thing isn’t it? One we don’t often acknowledge. Is it fear of sounding selfish or self indulgent? I am not a fan of ‘me time’ as a phrase but I do like ‘be time’. We all need time to ‘be’ sometimes and that will look different for us all. For me, it’s taking some time to write or read. This replenishes my sense of being and restores my nurturing abilities. The tension is that I love to be sociable and find it energised me. Reading and writing are not social activities – they can become so but initially it is a solo activity. So, I need to develop some solo time into my life. The key is ensuring balance.

What am I going to do – actively. How will I live with nurture as my word?

Below I am going to bullet point some ideas – things to aspire to. Ways that I can incorporate this word in my life without it becoming a chore but an integral part of my year.

Continue to create memories and traditions with my family
Take part in the #emptyshelf challenge ( see @jonacuff) this will encourage me to read and be accountable for what I have done – not in a negative way but motivational one.
Aim to blog once a week.
Send that text, email, card, note to someone when I initially think of it and not procrastinate.
Embrace my role as a mother as part of my whole not all of my whole.
Develop new and existing relationships through meals and social time.
Re start my book club.
Take care of myself and others.
Remember that nurture is ultimately all about love.
Cultivate my relationship with God.

Now a list may seem a little clinical perhaps? Or maybe arduous but when I look at it I am excited about getting going and reviewing my progress. I am inspired and encouraged by it. For me, it It is all about nurture and I can’t wait to get started.

What does nurture mean to you?

When was the last time you experienced being nurtured?

What would be your one word?

3 thoughts on “I choose nurture

  1. Hi! My word is nurture too! Although I’m having trouble signing-up without a blog url! Here’s my thinking so far…
    So, my word is nurture. I flirted with ‘create’ (but it was too wrapped-up in pink paint and glitter for me to take it as anything other than an admonishment for not spending more of my time getting my toddlers to do arts and crafts!), I wondered about ‘patience’ (but of course that too was a reminder that I need more of it, rather than an encouragement to do anything about it), I stumbled on ‘calm’ (but again – too much like a telling-off!)… then I found ‘nurture’. Perfect for me. I sat with it for a while and realised that this was the encouragement I needed to put energy into relationships, to discipline my kids not because their behaviour has annoyed me, but because I’m developing them in their understanding, to listen to music and read books that will grow me as a believer, to care for people serving alongside me… So many possibilities. For me, it’s not a scary word, as such, but it IS one that puts me back in the place I should have been in all along – one that encourages rather than admonishes. Makes me think of others as well as makes me look after myself.
    Love Jo xx


    • Yes that is nurture exactly. Not scary but a challenge. About looking after others and self, loving and encouraging and growing!


  2. Hi – i’ve come to your post via the oneword365 website, as I’m wondering whether nurture might be my word for 2015. last year I chose hope ( or rather it chose me) in the midst of a painful marriage situation, and it has taken me on an incredible journey! I don’t really want to leave it to choose another word but nurture has been whispering to me! I’ve found your post above really helpful in thinking about what it means. Thank you . I hope that your year was a nurturing one.


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