Making the most of your 'moment'

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This image popped up on my Facebook page a few days ago and it spoke exactly to where I am right now.

Today, I am 39 weeks plus 6 days pregnant. Part of me can’t believe it and another part feels I have been pregnant forever!

So my next ‘moment’ will be motherhood. The thing is, I have no way of knowing when this ‘moment’ will arrive.

At this point it would be so easy to just become static and wait. To count down the days and hours until I reach it.

I have been offered the common place advice of eating curry, hot food, pineapple, drinking raspberry leaf tea, walking and of course sex to kick start my labour.

There is a sense of expectation and excitement of what is to come.

The quote above got me thinking though. What about right now? Does the fact I am about to have a baby make all of this time pre baby redundant? Does this current ‘moment’ I am in not matter?

I have a choice here. I can believe that as I am in a transition, I have nothing to offer until I become a mother or I can do all I can, as I can right now.

I don’t want to miss out by rushing ahead. I don’t want to miss opportunities that I will not get to have again.

Maybe this strikes a chord with you? You may not be pregnant but are you rushing to get to a new ‘moment’ rather than making the most of the one you are in?

It may not be where you want to be. It may feel uncomfortable, difficult or dull but right now it’s your ‘moment’

Will you make the most of it?

7 thoughts on “Making the most of your 'moment'

  1. You might be interested to read ‘life, life, and more life’ by Wendy Van Eyck, who writes about making the most of the ‘moment’ too for different reasons. Her twice weekly devotionals are brilliant. It’s free if you subscribe to her blog: I get so much out of them, even though like you possibly are, mostly still because of not being able to move?! Loved this post, thank you.


  2. I can certainly relate to this. I’m guilty of getting caught up in the “tomorrow, or what happens later” that I’ve been totally ignoring right now! Right now is important =/ .. God’s been trying to show me that and to slow me down


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