She makes: Messy play – shaving foam and paint #mywildones

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Messy play is exactly as it says. There is no such thing as clean messy play but it can be contained messy play and it is one of the reasons we bought a tuff tray. 

Today, I was feeling particularly brave and decided on shaving foam and paint. 

This is a definite hands on, all in activity. The apron was never really going to cut it.

It’s quite simple to set up – spray shaving foam into a tray and spread it so it covers it. 

   Then add different coloured paint. 

Mix together to give a marble effect. We used a chopstick.

Then add paper and you get a great marbled effect. 

However, you have to be prepared to go off plan and embrace the sensory experience of this…

Foamy footprints were a favoured choice.

Along with hands in and foamy handprints.

 After this, a free for all with foam and paint everywhere!


 This was a lot of fun with shrieks of joy and sheer excitement throughout. 

 Clean up was simple, toddler in the shower first and then the tuff tray.

Oh and we even ended up with some art work too. 


I would highly recommend this activity with a toddler it engages and provides a great opportunity for them to get messy and have a full on sensory experience.