She makes: My wild ones- Throwback beach adventure 

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After battling severe tonsillitis and then ending up in hospital on IV antibiotics to fight a suspected kidney infection, there haven’t been many adventures for us recently. 

To cheer myself up I have decided to do a throwback post to a beach adventure we had during half term.

Enough stones to keep little man happy and all wrapped up in an all in one and wellies this was an opportunity to really explore, pause and take in our surroundings.

 There’s something about the beach as a backdrop. The sea air, the exhilaration of nature at its finest.

At one point little man just wanted to sit down at one point and take a moment. It was a welcome pause, a chance to spark joy taking in the vastness of where we were.

And of course we had to spend some time throwing a few of those stones!

I am really looking forward to being back to full strength and able to get out and about again.


3 thoughts on “She makes: My wild ones- Throwback beach adventure 

  1. Gorgeous photos, but oh golly! It sounds like you’ve been in the wars! Hope everything is ok!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


    • Thanks, am back on my feet now! It has been a tough time but onwards and upwards now. Helped put a few things in perspective.


  2. I’m sorry you’ve not been well, I hope you’re feeling better now. It looks like a brilliant adventure on the beach though, the cliffs look amazing! #MyWildOnes


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