She makes:my wild ones – short time in the garden

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After a wonderful half term both little man and I have been super poorly. I have severe tonsillitis and  he has an awful virus that won’t shift. Been cooped up indoors since Sunday. 

After work, Daddy took little man into the garden for a bit of fresh air.

 Stones have always been fascinating to little man and I love how he is so focused and engaged in his surroundings.

It is also an opportunity for him to throw stones around and have that bit of freedom that toddlers crave to just let loose.

A few hours after this little man was very unwell and so we are back to being inside and regular medicines. 

We will both be wild from fighting infections next week!


7 thoughts on “She makes:my wild ones – short time in the garden

  1. Oh no hope you’re both on the mend soon! There’s some nasty bugs going around ATM. Glad he managed to get out and have fun for a little bit though:) X


    • Thanks – I’m glad he got some time to play and be free for a bit before he went a bit downhill. It’s hard when it takes longer than you anticipate for these things to pass! I know so many others in our situation too.


  2. I hope you’re both feeling better soon. At least he was able to get out for a bit of fresh air though. My son would absolutely love a garden full of stones, I dread to think how many he would end up bringing into the house though!


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