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I started reading a book this morning ‘A life unleashed’ by Christine Caine and one of the suggestions she makes in the first chapter is to have a coffee with God.

This got me thinking about the way I often approach God – with a list of requests or some hurried thank you or a few rocket prayers. How at times, I can fall into the trap of over spiritualising my quiet times and over complicating them.

What is it about coffee? Coffee shops are springing up everywhere. Our language has been infiltrated with hundreds of descriptions of different coffee combinations. Our high streets are saturated with them, often next to and opposite each other and sometimes even more than one branch within a few hundred metres.

I don’t actually think it is because we have become a nation of coffee connoisseurs ( you may beg to differ) but more to do with the activity and act of going for a coffee. Common parlance is ‘Shall we go for a coffee?’ Let’s meet up for a coffee.’ This is rarely about the coffee itself but more to do with sitting together, conversing, enjoying each other’s company – sharing with each other. Coffee shops offer the opportunity to sit, watch the world go by, enjoy a hot drink ( which we all know makes everything infinitely better) and to talk, face to face.

I love to ‘go for coffee’. I find it relaxing and one of the best ways to catch up with someone.

So, the question is why, when faced with the suggestion to have coffee with God did it seem like a revolutionary concept? Why have I separated something I do so easily and commonly from God?

The conversation over coffee flows easily, it is not hurried, there are moments of stillness and silence that are not uncomfortable. There is a sharing, a bonding and an important part of relationship building and strengthening that goes on. Surely, it could also be this simple with God?

Conversations are two way – so today as I sit with my coffee ( decaf latte, no sugar) I am going to invite God along. There are a few questions I have for Him, a few things I need to say, some asking of why? about situations people close to me are facing. How are certain things going to happen and come to fruition? I also know there is going to be a lot of listening on my side too – moments of stillness and moments of silence.

Who do you most need to have coffee with today? When did you last have ‘ a coffee with God’ moment?

7 thoughts on “Coffee with God

  1. This is marvellous! I also love coffee shops and the idea of coffee with God really appeals to me! I strive so much and get so legalistic at times, even about my quiet times. This idea completely removes all that…thank you!


    • I think we all need to experience more freedom in our quiet times. Coffee with God is such a simple concept but offers us so much of the freedom we need.


  2. I have spent many many many hours in coffee shops writing, conversing with friends or random strangers, and mobile blogging. Coffee with God is a great idea and a marvelous title for a book – hint. My daughter is a pastor’s wife I must pass your web addie along to her. Happy Posting.


    • Thank you so much for commenting. Yes it does sound like a good book title. Would be very grateful of you passing on my web address to your daughter. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. hey there. What a lovely post.
    I keep wondering why I feel like my relationship with God seems to be slipping behind other things. Perhaps I’m not making time for heart to heart talks – like the one you’ve mentioned.


    • I think it is something that we all need to do more of and not worry so much. Simplicity is best sometimes. Thanks so much for commenting!


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